Monday, March 30, 2015

Featured Horse Trailer for Sale

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We hope everyone is looking forward to the spring warm-up we are expected to have this week! Horse show season has begun in some parts of Maryland and others are right behind them. Are you an equestrian who is tired of having to get rides to competitions? Do you have an older trailer that you have been meaning to trade-in but forgot about it over the winter time? Now is the time to do it as spring approaches!! We have many great horse trailers for sale on our lot in Maryland. Today we want to feature a brand new 2015 FEATHERLITE 8533- 3 HORSE TRAILER for sale.

This 3-horse trailer is brand new and is for sale for $21,665. It is a white / aluminum exterior Gooseneck style hitch. It's 19’2″ long x 6’7″ wide x 7’0 high with a 42″ short wall dressing room. It also comes with a spare tire.

Be sure to stop by our lot in Hyattstown, Maryland to check out this trailer for sale and many others! You can also contact us at for more information.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Featured Vehicle of the Week: 2014 Ford F-150 XLT

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This week our featured vehicle is a black 2014 Ford F-150 XLT priced at $31,950!!  This truck has a Supercrew 4X4  body style and only 18,512 miles on it. Featured in the Tuxedo Black Metallic.  Come stop by our showroom today in Hyattstown, Maryland to see not only this truck but our other used cars for sale in Maryland!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Did you know? Offering trailer service!!

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We wanted to remind you that not only do we offer auto service & detailing, but we also offer trailer servicing here in Maryland. Our friendly and courteous auto service team members are dedicated to help you keep your trailer in tip-top shape. Our trailer service team ensures that all service representatives and technicians receive the proper guidance and training to keep up to date on the latest auto maintenance techniques.

If you are ready to get your trailer serviced before spring show season begins, feel free to call us today at: (301) 831-8855 and set up your appointment or consultation!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Getting Your Trailer Ready for the Spring Season

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We are exited to see that this week's weather in Maryland will be much warmer than we have seen in awhile! Spring temperatures are finally here and it's almost show season. There's nothing worse than getting ready to go to a show and realizing that your trailer is off or needs a little extra TLC. Now is the time to make sure everything is in proper working order and you have taken the steps necessary to prepare for spring. Below, we shared an article about how to get your trailer ready for the spring season! Remember, if you need a tune-up or want to get it inspected, you can make an appointment with us! Contact us at 

Getting Your Trailer Ready for Spring Travel
Article shared from

Spring’s almost here, with all the promise that implies. Now is the time to get your trailer out of
storage and ready to roll, whether you’re traveling to shows across the country or just trail-riding
down the road. Although you should always look your trailer over carefully before you pull it,
it’s extra important after a long winter of being left out in the cold.

Don’t Skip Vital Exterior Maintenance
Many horse trailer owners store their trailer with the tires resting on the ground -- after all, that’s
what tires are for, right? It makes sense, but is, unfortunately, one of the worst things you can do
for your trailer tires, so always start a spring check-up with a little extra tire time. Check the
treads carefully for signs of damage, deep splits or dry rot. Those tires carry a lot of weight, so
when in doubt, throw them out.

While you’re down there, take a gander at the bearings and brakes. Obviously, worn brake pads
or calipers that don’t quite get the job done should be replaced, but bearings are less easy to
evaluate. As a rule of thumb, you should have your wheel bearings repacked at least once a year.
You can test their soundness by getting the corresponding tire up off the ground and rocking it
back and forth. A loose tire that has some play or thumps should be repaired right away, these
are signs that the bearings are loose and may fail catastrophically.

Aside from these high-risk items, you should check the trailer for sagging suspension, signs of
rust or body damage and ensure the lighting systems work well during your unveiling. New light
bulbs are cheap insurance against a rear-end collision on the road; catching damage to your
trailer early will keep it from getting much worse during a season of hard use.

Spring Cleaning the Horse Box
The inside of your horse trailer takes as much of a beating as the outside, so it’s important to
keep an eye on things inside. You’ll want to make sure the lights and windows are working, that
any padding is intact and butt bars, breast bars and gates swing freely, with little noise. Then
there’s the floor.

The floors of horse trailers are often their weakest interior point. Remember, depending on your
flooring of choice, your horse is probably less than two inches from the outside world when he’s
standing in the horse compartment of your trailer -- any signs of damage, insect infestation, rust,
oxidation or weakness need to be addressed immediately. To prolong the life of your floors, you
should remove your mats every time you return from a trip, clean the floor thoroughly and allow
everything to dry well before replacing the mats and putting your trailer away.

Knowing that your horse trailer is sound and ready to travel to horse events in the spring is a
great feeling. Make sure yours is ready to roll by giving it a careful examination before it’s time
to travel this year.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Featured Trailer of the Week: FOR SALE!

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Today we want to share with you our trailer of the week for sale, here on our lot in Hyattstown, Maryland.

This is a  2015 FEATHERLITE #8533- 3 HORSE TRAILER for only $21,665! This is a brand new, white gooseneck trailer that has an added space tack room and saddle racks. It also comes with the dividers and spare tire. Be sure to come out and see this trailer for yourself! Or contact us at